Category: S/mileage

Happy 23 Ayacho

Hello! Project and ANGERME leader Ayaka Wada turned to 23 today. It feels like Ayacho has been around for ages. She became a Hello! Pro Egg member in 2004 and when S/mileage was formed in 2009 she was named the leader of that group of…

Happy 18th Birthday Dear Meimei

When Meimi Tamura graduated from ANGERME and Hello! Project┬álast spring she took with her some essentials, her inexhaustible energy & giftedness. Kind of the same essentials which decreased from H!P when Riho left the H!P community. Thank god Meimei has not completely vanished. Fans have…

Happy 19 Kananan

Sub-leader of ANGERME is today 19 years old. Happy Birthday Kana Nakanishi. Congrats from zush @ kakko-ii blog.   S/mileage - Smile Fantasy ; Yattaruchan (Kananan solo)  

Meimei love

Not Maro's. Not even Rihoriho's graduation announcement got me so deeply moved than this sudden & shocking (now the adjective "shocking" is it's right use) news about Meimei's graduation. I don't know. Does this mean that I love Meimei even more than those other girls?…
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