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This is the launch of Kakko-ii Blog’s new “kind of news” column. I gues the title is quite self explanatory. Maybe. Anyways, here we go under this title for the first time.

Baking cell phones

SNSD/Girls’ Geneartion is advertasing a new Cooky cell phone from LG. This is a phone related to Cooking Mama game and only available for Korean consumers. Well, all I can say is that there is never enoungh tight swinging hips in this world. Stop now your drooling over those cookies!

SNSD – LG Cooky cell phone CM:

Sayu’s massage service

On Morning Musume’s America’s First Landing Live FC DVD there is a footage where Sayu is massaging Eri’s loins and back. You can read from Eri’s face that it felt so good. And the dialog between Eri and Sayu was quite interesting. If sweet Sayu ever starts her massage service I’m finally moving to Japan and become her loyal customer. Welcome to Sayumi’s Massage Salon!

Subbed by Hello!Fansubs


What’s the point?

You sure can ask what’s the point bringing together these snap shots from Koharu Kusumi’s and Tomomi Itano’s (AKB48 Team K) blogs. Point there is but can you guess what it is?

This is absurd

Now when Hangry&Angry are hitting to European club stages in May there has been signs of growing jealousy amongst Japanese H!P fans. Right, we should not   overgeneralize this thing because it was only ONE bashing jealous comment on this subject @ Interntaional Wota but anyways it sounds so fucking absurd that Japanese wotas could be jealous over western fans who have so few chances to see ANY of their Japanese idols on their western home grounds.

Ah, HITOMI & RIKA, WELCOME TO HELSINKI, FINLAND!! We are waiting eagerly for your landing here.

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  1. MorningBerryz

    First time seeing SNSD and it took me awhile to realize they were singing to “Hey Mickey”~* XD….”Cooking Mama” is a really fun game although I only have it for the Wii♥. Love Momusu’s FC DVD!!….lol something tells me that Kamei won’t be paying Sayu anytime soon (^q^)! Massages are foreign to me, it’s just that I’m so ticklish that I can’t have one ever….I’d most likely hurt myself falling off of the massage table (。ーωー。)笑 Ummm…..I’d guess that both Kohachan and Tomochin are ultra pretty~* XD!….I really have no idea though. And now with AKB48 coming to the U.S. hopefully no more bad things will be said ne~ ^ ^。

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